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The Perfect Sales Tool

Modern marketing has found the power of the internet, mobile phones, loyalty cards and recommendation.  FlexKom is the first system to unite all of these into a powerful network which attracts and keeps customers, increases sales and generates a genuine long-term residual income.

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FlexKom has been featured in the April edition of the Obtainer magazine which disects the business into all it's facets. It is safe to say though that the excitement surrounding FlexKom is palpable.Click the image to download the full article.

Alongside this FlexKom have been nominated for the award of Most Innovative Company of the Year 2013.

The award ceremony isn't until October, by which time FlexKom will be live in the UK and much of Europe. The nomination alone is a testiment to the hard work being put in by so many.


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Flexkom Surrey Meetings

UK Flexkom Franchises Available NOW

Flexkom is launching in the UK very soon.
However, the interest in Flexkom is already gaining significant momentum.

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